Work Method

We work on developing organizations, management, and collaboration from a psychological perspective, and fuse object and business orientation with the development of constructive collaboration processes as well as personal well-being and development.

Companies are unique, which requires our services to take into account the specific circumstances and conditions that apply. This is why we develop and customize our services in close collaboration with the client.
To strengthen the implementation of our services, we always work closely with both management and employees, and in addition, we often employ internal consultants who work in the areas of staffing and training.

We include the participant’s personal experiences, practices, and whole-life experience in our work with the objective of creating self-awareness, new insights, and thus new options for the individual and the group.
We respect the individual’s boundaries, and base the level of participation upon it being voluntary and a respectful challenge!

We accomplish this in an atmosphere of both seriousness and informality with room for both earnestness and humor. This creates a good framework for challenging personal limitations from a developmental perspective.
Our work is based upon dynamic psychology, and we work with rational and “irrational” as well as conscious and “subconscious” processes in management and collaboration. The objective is to strengthen both personal and collective learning and action.

There are often great inherent learning opportunities in working with here-and-now situations where people are put in the “position of observer” of themselves and their own behavior. This is a cornerstone in our process oriented work method.

We aim to have at least two of us assigned to each project: This provides multiple perspectives on the issues that we work with, and thus provides a greater benefit to the client.