Maria Klinke

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Maria Klinke, Msc in Business Administration and Psychology.

Maria is an experienced business psychologist consultant, coach, lecturer and speaker.

Her passion is to help competent people shine and do more of what makes sense for them. She takes the liberty of being very ambitious on behalf of her clients by making them conscious of their strengths and supporting them in their discovery of their potential to develop. She provides appropriate disturbances in the form of management advice, individual development, team processes, teaching and lectures. She draws on systemic and narrative psychology, psychometric testing and a willingness to challenge all of your adopted truths.

Maria is also working with stress, both immediate treatment and prevention – when handling stress, she is gentler but not less ambitious.

Maria is skilled in the HeartMarth method and certified within personality test Neo Pi-R, 360 degrees leadership assessment and other relevant management tools. Neo Pi-R is an in-depth personality test and it is internationally recognized. With a Neo Pi-R, a coaching course can help create a new perspective on yourself, your behavioral patterns, your relations and the way others react to you.

As a process consultant, Maria has solid experience in facilitating workshops and seminars, including stress management. Maria combines the business psychology with meditation and mindfulness. Maria is also a co-teacher and examiner at Matzau Business Psychologist Stress Coach Education.

Publications: “Narrativ Coaching – en ny fortælling” in cooperation with Kit Sanne Nielsen and Jesper Gregersen, Dansk Psykologisk Forlag (2010)