Individual development

Nothing develops a person more than a competent, professional dialogue that balances understanding, perspectivation – and challenge.

We conduct professional dialogues with a basis in 4 different perspectives:


Coaching as a management philosophy and method has been booming for the past 15 years, and we have been there all along the way. We act as coaches for senior managers, middle managers, and employees. Coaching is a form of conversation, where the object is to achieve what you want – while balancing the job’s actual demands and challenges with your inner motivation and ambitions.

Stress Management – including pedagogical suggestions for the work place
Unfortunately, more and more people are affected by work-related stress, and some become unable to work for shorter of longer periods. We conduct individual dialogues for employees impacted by stress, and as part of this service we offer advice to employers on the best possible ways to prevent stress in the future.

We also offer therapy – individually or as couple’s therapy. Therapy is conducted in accordance with guidelines issued by the Danish Psychological Association.

We supervise psychologists and other groups of professionals who work with people. Supervision is basically the same as coaching, but can also take more of a consulting and advisory approach.

You can read more about our various interview services in the product guides.