Examples of Inquiries

As a company, it can be difficult to determine when, and in what situations, it might be beneficial to use outside help for the development of organization, management, or collaboration. Below, we give some examples of the kinds of inquiries we receive:

Management Development
A large international company requests an internal manager development program, and our task will be to develop, describe, and implement it in practice.

A large hospital wishes to perform internal performance appraisal interviews with the employees, and asks us to develop and implement a targeted program for their managers where we teach them to perform constructive performance appraisal interviews with the employees.

A group of managers are having internal collaboration problems, and we are contacted to help strengthen the group; to make the group aware of their respective ideas, expectations, and requirements, the purpose of which will be to get them to work together, in the same direction, and with common objectives.

Organizational Development
A county-wide institution must merge several independent units into one, as the result of a political decision. They ask us to participate as consultants during this period of change. We may for instance assist with turning new objectives into action, implement start-up seminars for the employees, and create a continuous monitoring process during the implementation phase.

A medium-sized company in the public sector must implement a major strategy, and we are contacted in order to help them through the process in collaboration with a consulting firm that specializes in strategy development.

A private company is facing a major expansion of their staff. They wish to implement a process where they identify certain fundamental values both externally in relation to their customer base, and internally in relation to their corporate culture. We are called upon to lead them through a clarification process.

A company is planning to market itself based on certain attitudes. We are contacted to help the company implement these attitudes internally with the managers and employees.

We are contacted by the management of a small, private company where confusion exists surrounding a minor change within the organization. They feel that they have done everything they could to comply with their employees’ wishes, but the atmosphere continues not to be very good. We establish a process where management in direct dialogue with the staff discusses the nature of the problem and some constructive solutions.

The department of a company in the public sector has major difficulties with internal collaboration. We are called upon to help this department uncover the roots of these problems, to handle the related conflicts, and to build new collaboration objectives.

Individual Development
A manager comes to us because of problems he is currently having with managing an employee. The manager is very unsure of how to handle this, and needs an external partner since he feels that everyone in the company is either very “pro” or very “con” this employee – including the other managers. We implement a coaching program consisting of 6 interviews, which gives the manager new inspiration to handle this and similar situations, both now and in the future.

Therapy/Personal Development
A person comes to us with personal problems. We design a program of therapeutic interviews focusing on the person’s thoughts and feelings surrounding private and family relationships.

A county conducts a conference for their staff of health professionals about patient communication in the health care system, among other things. We are invited to give an inspirational presentation surrounding the challenges of patient communication.