Industrial Psychology

We do not consider industrial psychology to be an independent discipline! Industrial psychology indicates that we specialize in bringing psychology into practical use in the business world, and our work as industrial psychologists includes all organizational processes that involve people.

Our work is based on our competence as psychologists, and we use both clinical/therapeutic work methods that target people in crisis or with personal problems as well as methods of occupational psychology that target the development of people in their roles in the workplace. In this work, we supplement the psychological angle with providing tools for understanding the importance – as well as for managing the impact on the individual – of various organizational structures and cultures, workplace design, etc.

An important aspect we have seen in recent years, is the numerous contradictions and paradoxes that individuals have to deal with at work, like the requirement of managers to exercise the power to act and make decisions while at the same time being responsive and thoughtful.

Dynamic Psychology
We work from a dynamic perspective, ie. with a basis in the understanding that man is both rational (reason) and irrational (feelings). We also work with the understanding that human processes can be both conscious and unconscious. These factors are reflected in the organizational processes that we help to raise awareness of and develop.

Product – Procedures – Process 

In our work, we support both the company and the individual manager in creating a balance between:

  • The Product: creating results (vision, objectives, strategy, requirements, solutions, performance, follow-up, etc.)
  • Procedures: creating efficient workflows (information, channels of communication, coordination, efficient meetings, resource management, team roles, etc.)
  • The Process: creating a good collaboration (trust and respect, interaction, dialogue, conflict management, etc.)