We collaborate with a network of experienced psychologists and with professionals in other fields of expertise. This makes it possible to tackle even major tasks and developmental programs, which require a greater number of consultants and various professional expertises. Meanwhile it also ensures an ongoing sharing of experience, which makes it possible to keep abreast of new methods and tools within our field. This translates into continued development of our work methods, counseling methods, etc. for the benefit of both our customers and our program.

The following section names some of our closest collaborative relationships:

Cairos Consult A/S

Consulting firm with professional profiles that are different than ours. We use each other for sparring and sharing of knowledge, and we collaborate on new areas of consultancy.

Virksomhedspsykologerne A/S

Experienced industrial psychologists with whom we exchange experience and collaborate on specific tasks.

Peters Adventure Games

Outdoor event company, which we use for leadership and team development programs that involve outdoor and physical activities as a spring board for working with personal and group dynamics., by Max Holmgaard

Professionel drummer whom we employ in management and team development programs that utilize music and rhythm for teambuilding and for finding the inner musicality!

Charlotte Busch, Manager Development Consultant

MSc in Economics & Business Administration. Chief consultant in management and HR whom we use when developing and implementing specific programs for leaders as well as for personnel groups.

Nina Høst-Madsen, Communications Consultant

MSc in Economics. Journalist and freelance communications consultant. We collaborate with Nina on our communication and information strategy.

Hanne Hammer, Sing, jazz og voicebuilder

Professional singer og teacher in singing. We use Hanne to leadership and team development courses, where we use singing for teambuilding and to find an inner musicality.